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As you move to a new home, there are so many people you need to inform, particularly if you have lived in your property for a number of years.

The residential conveyancing team at Hathaways Law have put together this handy list to make things a bit easier!

1 Let your utility providers such as your water, gas and electricity know the exact date you’ll be moving. A good tip is to take meter readings and photographs of the meters on moving day in both your old and new home.

2 Notify your contents insurance provider of when and where you will be moving and check with them what is and is not insured during the move, as you may need to get additional insurance from them or your removals company. Also inform your buildings insurance provider.  Your Solicitor will advise when to put the policy in place in relation to the new property.

3 Update your address with the DVLA for both your driving licence and vehicle registration. It is important not to do this before you move, as you may need your driving licence for identification and van hire.

4 You may need to contact HMRC or the Department of Work and Pensions depending on your personal circumstances.

5 Inform your local authority so they can issue a final council tax statement on the property you are leaving and set you up with an account for your new property.

6 Update your details on the electoral roll so you can maintain your right to vote.

7 Your bank and savings account providers and credit card companies will need to know your new address. You will also need to inform any store card providers or loyalty card providers.

8 Contact any companies you have insurance with such as: life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, car breakdown services provider, home insurance, mobile phone insurance and pet insurance

9 You will also need to inform TV Licensing as well as any other company where you pay a regular bill such as your home and mobile phone company and broadband supplier.

10 Register at your new local GP as soon as possible or if staying local, ensure your doctor has your new contact details.  Let your dentist and optician know too.

11 Your child’s college, school or nursery will need your new details as you will be listed as an emergency contact.

12 Your employer will need to be updated as will your company pension fund. 

In the short term, you may find it beneficial to redirect your mail, by using Royal Mail’s Redirection Service which redirects all mail to your new address for a fee.

If you are thinking about moving home, the residential conveyancing team at Hathaways Law can help.  Please visit https://www.hathawayslaw.co.uk/conveyancing/ or contact us on 0191 482 8700 or email enquiries@hathawayslaw.co.uk