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Wills, Probate and Trusts

Offering practical, sensible advice at the time that it is needed most.


As we all know, you can’t take it with you when you go but you can say who gets it when you’ve gone. That’s why making a will is so important. If you don’t then the Law of Intestacy will apply to your estate and no matter how large or small that estate may be without a will, the Government’s rules apply and they dictate how your estate is divided.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to appoint one or more persons to deal with your affairs should you be unable to do so. This could be as a result of illness or injury, which can strike anyone at any age.

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney; one deals with your financial affairs, and the other relates to health and welfare decisions. The people that you choose to appoint will make decisions for you in your best interests; they are the people who can speak for you when you can’t.


Following the death of a family member the last of your immediate concerns is the administration of the estate. Hathaways Law can ease the burden by dealing with as much or as little of the estate administration as you wish. We offer practical, sensible advice at the time that it is needed most. Our “Client Information Sheet” provides details of our likely costs, disbursements and VAT.



Trusts are established for the purpose of safeguarding assets and/or protecting beneficiaries and Inheritance Tax planning.

Trusts can be created in your Will or during your lifetime. If you want to create a trust, it is important to take specialist advice. There are many different types of trust. We can help you choose the type of trust which best suits your needs and can advise Trustees to ensure that they comply with all of their legal obligations.

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